We understand that a healthy workplace is essential to ensuring the overall wellbeing of your company and its employees, which is why we offer an array of services to businesses that promote wellness within.  From consultative services offering assistance with wellness program design + implementation to delivering wellness workshops + corporate outings, WellSpring of Life International is here to support.


Workplace Wellness

A comprehensive workplace wellness program should address the 8 pillars of wellness and create a culture that supports a balanced lifestyle. In addition to the typical programming - which often consists of health screenings, nutrition classes, weight loss, and smoking cessation programs, and onsite exercise facilities/fitness challenges - wellness programs should look at environmental factors, connection to nature, financial fitness, and professional development.  

Transform your workplace

If you are looking for ways to integrate or improve upon a wellness program in your workplace, we’d be honored to partner with you! Below are a few of our offerings. Contact us to explore options tailored to your workplace.


Using our Holistic Workplace Wellness Assessment, we will work alongside your team to identify the strengths, resources, and gaps within your existing culture and create a plan that creates a flowing of wellness throughout your company.

Work Decisions


Pick a workshop series or wellness topic and we will craft a program that will draw out wisdom from within your team and engage your staff with hands-on activities and group discussions that will carry forth long after the program has finished.


Whether you are just initiating a wellness program or if you’re in need of a spark to reignite the fire of wellness amongst your team, setting aside time to bring teams together and engage in hands-on activities that promote wellness and may be what's needed to transform your culture and cultivate a stronger commitment to wellness in your workplace.