WellSpring of Life International was created to inspire newness of life, transformation, endurance, and strength.  We have chosen three beacons to represent this intention-wellspring, dragonfly, and tree.  Each are interconnected and has a personal meaning to the founder.



Birthed in water, a nymph emerges and transitions gracefully into a dragonfly. The evolution from nymph to dragonfly reminds us that anything is possible. It kindles a spark of change - the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity, as well as a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. This transformation strips away our limitations and our doubts.


wisdom + endurance

Water moistens the soil for trees to thrive. Trees bring shade and coolness in times of heat.  Many trees provide nourishment and healing to our bodies and other natural life.  Some trees hold symbolic meanings in many cultures and faiths.  As with dragonflies, trees remind us to take time to reflect on our inner strength, courage, + resources;  provide us with wisdom + insight; and symbolize our ability to overcome hardship. 


bountiful source

WellSprings bring us back to our source. Water is the essence + sustainer of life; it is what washes away the dirt + moistens the soils so that life can spring up. It brings refreshment in times of drought and thirst. The imagery of a WellSpring of Life evokes thoughts of rising up out of the water - symbolic of a washing away of our past, a cleansing of our souls, and a time of refreshing.


of hardship, endurance, times of refreshing and spiritual growth our founder has come to learn that our burdens are not to be carried alone and our hardships can become a WellSpring of Life for others.


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