There is no 'one path' to wellness which is why WellSpring of Life comes alongside people through our different paths.  Check out our offerings and join us!


Morning Refresher Class

Do you need some re-centering and energizing to start your week? 

Join us as we start our day with a time of 

  • Breathing

  • Stretching

  • Inspiration

  • Community


Change happens through action. As such, this workshop is designed to be interactive and collaborative. You will be engaging in guided practices, movement, and group sharing.  Gentle stretching for all levels is done during part of the session so be sure that you come with comfortable clothes and room to move.

FREE Morning Refresher

Try out our class and see if we can help you start your week right. Our free sampler classes are held on the OnZoom platform.  Click to learn more.

Mind, Body,

Health Connection

2-hour journey in the foundations
of transformation

When you want to make a change, it starts with the mind, but it takes more than just wanting a change and shifting your thinking.


In the Mind, Body, Health, Connection journey, we will look at the connection between our thoughts, movement, what we are eating, and connectivity and how each of these plays a role in the transformation process.

For anyone looking to make a change in their life - eating habits, exercise, job transition, etc - come journey with us as we explore simple practices that will assist you in your transformation process, improve your health, reduce stress, and bring a sense of peace and joy into life.

mind body mini (1).png