The source of wisdom + endurance that creates transformation

Life is messy.  It can hurt.  There are times when the road is so rocky you just want to stop.


Life is beautiful. It can inspire.  There are times when the path is so breathtaking you just want to stop....and soak in its beauty.

Life is complex; full of ups and downs.  There is laughter and joy, tears and pain.  The combination of all of this is life itself.

WellSpring of Life International was founded on the belief that all facets of life should be embraced and learned from to help us grow into our destiny. We understand this isn't always easy. Sometimes the pain or our problem seems more than we can bear.  Sometimes our past choices or things that happened to us weigh so deeply on our souls that we just want to run and hide.

At WellSpring of Life International we know that when we refuse to hide from the messiness of life, healing comes. If we are willing to be vulnerable and share with others, we find peace, wisdom, and the strength to move forward.  It is vulnerability that creates connectivity which creates community.  It is community that makes us stronger and helps draw out the greatness that lies within each of us. 


WellSpring of Life International's foundation is rooted in  + 20 years of personal and professional experience of learning, practicing, and sharing ways to live whole, healed and healthy through community. 

Over the years, our founder has connected with youth + adults in inner-city communities, developing nations, and suburbia teaching + being taught simple truths of healthy living.  She has seen lives transformed in big and small ways and has been inspired by so many.  Through her work and relationships, our founder understands very personally the strength required for the journey of life.  


WellSpring of Life International collaborates with communities + individuals to ensure that all, regardless of location, income, opportunity, or nationality, can achieve and maintain healthy, sustainable lifestyles + communities. Our mission is to provide the space to draw out wisdom + strength from each person and community we partner with. Additionally, we hope to inspire individuals to become wellness ambassadors and carry the message of restoration + transformation to others.  We're honored you have found us and hope to work alongside you as we all walk out this path towards a brighter future.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

-Marcus Aurelius


Meta has a passion for life, people, and the environment. This passion emanates in all she does and has led her on a quest to come alongside those that seek to transform their own lives and communities.

Growing up a runner with a fondness for nature, she sought out ways to be healthy and connected to the outdoors from a young age. As a single mother of two, working her way through college and grad school, this journey continued as she pursued ways to raise her children as healthy and sustainable as possible in a time where this was not the trend.  To this day, she continues to seek and implement natural ways to live a strong, vibrant life.

Professionally, she has over twenty years of community building, management, and leadership experiences in both the non-profit and corporate worlds. Her passion has been teaching wellness classes domestically and abroad and developing community wellness programs.  Meta aspires to ensure all people, regardless of their current situation, are inspired and supported in ways designed to draw out one's own wisdom and strength so that they can take control of their health and well being in order to transform their lives and fulfill their destiny.

Meta values lifelong learning to compliment her experiences and inform her work.  She has her bachelor's degree in Social Work, Masters of Ministry with a focus on Intercultural Studies, and Masters of Urban Planning and Policy with a focus on International Development. She is also certified as a Wellness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor.

Her combined experiences and passion has lead her to embark on a new journey - the creation of WellSpring of Life International LLC - as a source for drawing out the wisdom and strength from those around the globe to create transformation in their communities.

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